Custom Cables - Plaited
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Custom Cables - Plaited

How to order these cables:

So these are obvs more complicated than normal cables, so here's a rundown: Each cable is like normal on the inside with a single sleeved cord, but then it's wrapped in four outer strands, for a total of up to(not required) five different cord choices. There's a picture above to demonstrate this and how they interact. 

  • Central Paracord - This is the "normal" cord for a cable, it will show through the outer cords a bit. Pick the same color as your outside cords to not notice it or a contrasting color to be a surprise splash of color.
  • Outer Paracord #1-4 - #1 is the primary outer cord and will override the others if you leave them blank. Choose just a #1 cord if you want all four outer cords the same. Picking a #1 and #2 will give you two strands of #1 and two strands of #2, like the pictured example cables. If you choose an odd number of outer cords(ex: #1, #2, and #3) then #1 will have two strands, #2 and #3 will each have one strand. Choosing all four will give one strand of each. 
  • Patterns won't be visible if you're using four different outer cords, they only work if at least two are the same color. If you choose three different outer cords then the two #1 strands will still form the pattern.


This is the listing for new plaited paracord cables. These are currently only available in 3ft until I've had more experience making them to enable more options. Price is subject to change based on my first few weeks of this being available. There is an automatic discount applied to these as well for the first couple weeks to compensate for this learning period.

Handmade cables for your keyboard-related cable needs, now with a brand new style! These are made to order with your choice of paracord sleeving, colored heatshrink, and several connector combinations. Up to four more choices of paracord are plaited around the outside for a completely new look and feel.

These cables are hand-soldered and tested by me on devices I have on hand. As such, I cannot guarantee that they may work on every setup or device combination due to the nature of the cables and USB devices. The C connectors are USB2.X rated and have a dedicated "device" and "host" end, which may not work in both directions on all setups.

Shipping will be flat rates based on quantities, but if you're ordering more than four cables you're best off contacting me first to see if I can make shipping cheaper.

Custom Cables - Plaited

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