Work with small parts and components in style! Leave the boring, dingy metal dishes in the garage where they belong, and instead add some color and customization to your workflow! Why settle for anything less than made-to-order for your needs and wants?

HexTrays are 3D printed parts trays with nifty features like:

 - Color customization via 13 different colors of PLA with more on the way and custom orders allowed.

 - Magnets embedded into the trays to allow for stacking them in a variety of ways. Store them in a neat stack, attach them to metal surfaces, or flip and stack them to form covered containers for your delicate or prone-to-escaping parts.

 - Three versions with or without internal dividers for keeping your bits and gubbins all nice and sorted while you're working. Divided versions can be stacked aligned to continue to keep your items in sorts. 

 - Dimensions: Approximately 112mm×100mm×8.4mm outside, 98mm×86mm×7.5mm inside.

 - Weight: 23g-26g depending on version.

Colors in the samples pic are as follows:

 - Blue Marble, Sparkle Purple, Red, Purple, Fluo Green

 - Marble, Fluo Orange, Bronze, Copper, Fluo Blue

 - Black, Fluo Yellow, Sparkle Clear


Pricing is per tray; buy 2 get 1 for 69% (31% off) per set of three (3) trays, automatically applied in cart. All colors and divider versions make a set with one another.

Want a color not available here, or want some more customization? Leave a message through the form at https://donutcable.works/pages/contact-us and I'll try to meet your request. 

Not currently shipping these outside of the US.

Shipping is flat-rate incremental. Up to 6 trays is $5, 10 is $6, and up to 14 is $7. I do recommend contacting me first for orders more than 2 sets (6 trays) in case special shipping considerations are needed. 

Production time is currently 1-2 weeks while I work out my production process for these. 


Please note, as these are 3D printed there are some innate inconsistencies and imperfections that can't be worked around. For example, each layer has a seam where it stops and starts that can't be stopped, only minimized and controlled like you'll notice I try to do. Likewise, the bottom of the print can vary between pieces; the print surface heats and cools during each print cycle and is never perfectly consistent from one print to the next.

The design for these may change at any time as they are improved for printability and aesthetics. As such, HexTrays from different orders may not match in spots such as outer dimensions. What won't change is approximate magnet placement, so newer revisions will stay functionally backwards-compatible.


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